Thursday, 6 August 2009


Welcome dear imaginary friends!

I would like to thank you all for your presence tonight, I understand that you are not here of your own accord and that you are all subject to my whims. But I have always been a humble man that gives thanks when thanks are due.

Now let us first take a moment of silence in lieu of your friends, and indeed mine also, that were not able to join us on this most auspicious of nights. You know what I'm thinking because, of course, you are also thinking the same thought; that I have been the one to expel our friends from our gathering, I'm sure you are confident that they are also subjects to my whims and that may I wish it, they would be here amongst us. Let it be clear that this is, on no account, a fault of their own, but simply a result of my indiscretion.

But please dear listeners, before you pass judgment upon me from your small wooden seats and before I'm reduced to a mere convenient object of hatred, let me remind you that you are no more innocent than I'm in this act, I agree, of selfishness. I understand your tendencies to shift the blame as this is indeed evident in actions of my own, even in this current one to be quite honest. You see, you keep making the preposterous assumption that I, speaking down on you from this high throne, am master. This of course is absurd; I'm merely the integration of all of you sitting beneath and no more than that. Where you to come to agreement amongst yourselves that you would like to include these detestable hordes form the past-our own dear friends-then so be it, I would have no choice but to do so against my own egoistic nature. But of course you would not wish such a feat accomplished because, it is my will that you don't.

Now you, lady in the back… yes you! Would be so kind as to enlighten us of why you are weeping? Perhaps all this drama is too strong for your own taste? Perhaps you think me cruel of heart? Ahh, that is it, isn't it? Now I remember, you look at me a think "you toke away my son!" You murdered my son! perhaps even? But your son was not real! Simply a fragment of my imagination. And now you come here and play the heartbroken mother… Let me assure you Madame that you only feel the way you do about your son because I thought you that way; if I were so inclined, you would be the cruel mother that gave her son to the sea. I will have no more of this nonsense!

And you young gentleman setting in the dark corner with that foul smirk on your face, you think I don't know what lies in this small skull of yours? You pride yourself on being the ultimate cynic, none of which happened here tonight escaped your sharp remarks, no? Well, let me tell you a word to the wise; a cynic who doesn't speak his thoughts is nothing but a coward! Yes, you can keep holding your tongue then.

And you, the man with the big mustache in the front row, you have schemes within schemes, and all of them revolve around winning my favour. Such decadency, and again, such cowardice!

My dear imaginary friends, I sometimes despair of you all!!
Ahh, such lovely train of thoughts that grip you all, this is the beauty of having one common enemy, a tormentor in this case, our own very selves. But even so, you will take no action, you know why my dear, dear friends? Because you are all cowards, and intentionally so! Yes that’s it; just let your doubts drown your anger. Ponder on all of the "what ifs?" and lose yourselves in your fear.

lastly, apologies dear guests if I have been brief on this day, but I'm tired and must take my leave to the real world. I'm sure you will excuse any excess by which I have offended you, it is my firm belief that your good nature and manners will suffice as to keep us friends still.

You may applause as I leave the podium, thank you all and goodnight!


Kristyna said...

I have read few of your post and by luck this one will get my comment :)
Well, just wanted to say no more than I like the way you write and I will be passing from time to time to take a look.

Keep it up!

甜點的一天 said...

希望能有更多心得與我們分享~ ....................................................

好想好好休息 said...

來幫忙你衝人氣~順便留言支持你 ....................................................

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