Friday, 15 May 2009


And so i'm sitting here in this small, almost empty, hall in a what could probably be a *** star hotel. let me mention, for absolutely no reason, that this hall served breakfast, lunch and dinner, and from 11PM to 6:30A.M. it served as snack bar. I would have been listening to some not so bad music playing on the radio but i'm not because there happens to be 5 british chumps that are drinking too much beer and seem to be having a good time. It is 1 A.M and it is probably time to head off to my not so big single bed, but i don't and keep eying the voiceless T.V as some images of a couple of faqs dressed up in shiny gold space suites jump around, i ignore them and write on, they are meaningless and so is what i'm writing. The Brits start to get crazy on the ass of the black bartender, they are asking for vodka i think, that and they were trying to shoot him down with their fingers... but that is not working, he just stares at them. i entertain the thought of telling them to shut the fuck up, and let it go quick, not worth it. I need a cigarette, i don't have a cigarette, i ask the bartender for a pack... he says "no cigarette" in what seemed to me as thick french slang.
The Brits are suddenly quite, and the music doesn't seem that good anymore, a cheap pop-techno gig "my heart is going bang bang!" followed by a uninteresting rap song about someone who's claiming that he is about to loose his control.
i hear you brother... i take a quick glance at the T.V and i see a girl, she reminds me of Nancy, i've just seen Nancy at work today, she is a bit old but she looks ok, slow at replying to mails though i gotta say, but that's fine, almost everybody is. She drinks her coffee decaffeinated and black, not that i care.
nothing more to do here, i consider reading what i have just wrote but go against, who gives a crap about what it comes out as...a few letters make a word and few words make a sentence and a few sentences make a fucking long boring paragraph, so it all adds up in the end.
oh wait.... the brits come to sing to me, they group around and start singing "it is only love...." i smile and think about it, i probably can take on 5 drunken suckers anyday but the bartender hushes them along, one almost falls, drunk... the bartender apologizes to me... i think they are sweet .
Till later... maybe.

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gjoe said...

I commented back in prose!

You are absolutely right!

I believe I can rhyme!