Thursday, 15 January 2009

Fuck off

"so basically your saying that people are full of shit"
"well, i 'm saying that people don't know shit, that they got their heads so far up their asses that..... wait, not even that, they don't even give a shit where their head is at, as long as they are not bothered by the smell"
"And then you've got this asshole thinking that he is all zen and shit, just cuz he got sad seeing someone get his brains blown.... well, fuck him. nobody gives a rat's ass about someone eating a bullet, at least no one is gonna lose his dinner over it. they can give me drama and cry their heart out all they like, i would still think they are full of shit"
"And the funny thing is that this kinda bitching really appeals to people, works like a fuckin charm, probably plays on their basic emotions or whatever"
"so you spit any crap, blaming the world, thinking you're cool, well fuck you too, you are as jaded as the rest of them losers."
"at the end, all he really said that made sense is that he really didn't give a shit just like the rest of them, he never did, only he might of entertained the notion for sometime, while they believed they were all innocent fucks"
"you wanna hear about innocent? fine, i'll be your worn out piece of wisdom for the day; truth is nobody is innocent, they will tell you otherwise, but mark my words, we are all guilty as hell"
"guilty of what you stupid crazy bastard?"
"fuck off" he said at last.


SaRaH said...

Totally agree with you my friend. wouldn't it be nice if people stopped pretending that they give a shit when they do not give a rat's ass about anything

angel of lust said...